The spirit is giving the lindy hop performance troupes the opportunity to perform in front of a dance lovers audience in a breathtaking theatre.

The Swing Troupes Challenge is NOT a competition therefore there are no judges and no prizes.

It’s rather a performance where the dancers enjoy perform for the pleasure and the challenge of performing and the audience enjoys its work and its art.

CALL for TROUPES to enter the “Troupes Challenge”

  • Registering for the challenge is free.
  • The ticket to get into the Party is also free.
  • You’ll have facilities for preparing, rehearsing (the main ballroom), changing and getting ready.
  • Your showcase will be scheduled for performing at showtime (0:00) in either Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening or Monday morning.

If your troupe is interested in entering a TROUPES Challenge please fill the following BSF’19 Troupes Application Form (coming soon) and, in case we need you, you’ll hear from us.


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If you wish to register for one of the Swing Troupes Challenge please fill this ==>  Swing Troupes Challenge form


Accepted troupes will be posted here.

Amateur contest