Simon Bressanelli

Simon has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2009 and along the way has fallen in love with all the swing dances: Lindy Hop, Charleston, authentic American Solo Jazz, Balboa, Shag and Blues. His romance with swing dance (and dance generally) started in Beijing and has taken him across the world. He started teaching in early 2011 and in mid-2012 moved down to London and started teaching with Swing Patrol alongside his main teaching partner, Robyn Larsen.
In summer 2014 Simon realised that he wanted to bring the joy of the dance to more people across the world and decided to give up his job in the civil service to become a full time dancer.

He has also been very successful in competitions across the UK and Europe, including 1st places at the European Swing Dance Championships, London Jitterbug Championships, Rock That Swing Festival, Ljubljana Sweet Swing Festival amongst others.