Please, read carefully the festival terms and norms before registering. Thanks.

Registration is considered firm when:

  1. You have filled in your registration form
  2. You have made your payment
  3. You have received our confirmation

  • Registration for a PASS is not valid until the payment is received.
  • PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE: You have three possible methods to pay in advance:

CASH at Teatreneu de GRÀCIA C/ Terol 26, 1er Metro Joanic-L4 o Fontana-L3.Only on Wednesday/Dimecres  22:00 – 24:00 or Thursday/Dijous  21:00 – 24:00

PAYPAL using the Paypal button in the registration web page

MONEY TRANSFER To the following account number: ES60 0081 0305 97 0001415142. Please note, it is very important to include the following information in your money transfer order:

  1. EMAIL <== the same indicated in your Registration Form
  • PAYMENT AT THE DOOR: We will only accept cash. We cannot accept credit cards or checks. Sorry.

PARTNER POLICY (full pass only)

We would like to have parties with a number of leaders and followers is as balanced as possible.
In order to keep this ratio we follow the next policy:
– Registration with partner is directly accepted.
– Registration without partner could be directed to a waiting list if the balance is lost and you’ll be notified. Paying the fee does not imply to be accepted.


By hosting other dancers you get the chance to meet new people and to be hosted by them when you visit their city. AND on top of that you get a discount on your pass price.

People interested in hosting or being hosted can indicate that in the Registration Form.


Please, in case you need to cancel you registration, let us know as soon as possible.
The deposit will be fully refunded if the notice is received before the early registration date. After that date, the deposit will not be refunded.

All those attending barSWINGona festival events do accept and authorize that the images be taxed and reproduced and this use for informational and promotional purposes of the event, used by the festival website and various social networking websites related to this festival and the BALLASWING association.

The organizer is not responsible for any use that may be made by other people or companies.

Bear in mind that dancing is an aerobic and physical activity, and your participation is at your own risk. barSWINGona organisers and professionals refuse taking any responsibility for any physical injury, loss or damage which may occur from your participation in the festival or any fatal addiction to swing dancing that may occur during or after the event.