barSWINGona festival was created by Carmen & Lluís on may 1998 and has been run by the barSWINGona team which has been continuously renovated.

Since the beginning, barSWINGona purpose has been to allow dancers from everywhere share the passion for swing dancing and music with people from Barcelona.

In the year 2000 we were proud to bring Frankie Manning over Barcelona to teach and inspire us all.

barSWINGona is a not-for-profit event although the budget has been consistently increasing every year. Some years the festival did quite well whereas some others it did not and needed some private support to survive. We hope to even it up on the long run. We’re struggling to get public support and private sponsors as well with just minor successes so far.

Our moto has been and will be:

Allowing dancers from everywhere to share the passion for swing with people from Barcelona, and allow the Barcelona lindy hoppers to grow by dancing with hoppers from all over the world.

Enjoy the new edition of barSWINGona.